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‘Moor’ star Shaz Khan to turn boxer for his first short film as director

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He got our attention with his performance in Moor, and now he wants to tell us a story of his own.

Moor star Shaz Khan has written, directed and starred in a short film he’s titled Say It Ain’t So.

Shaz stars as Ibby “The Prince” Bakran, an undefeated welterweight boxer on the verge of a title fight, who disappeared after losing his brother to a car crash. The film catches up with him four years later, and we quickly realize that things don’t appear as they seem.


“The idea for the film came from an image of a mother holding her son’s face and a scene between them, which actually turns out be the climax [of my film]. The ending is often the most difficult part to write and the most important so was lucky to have that,” shares Shaz with Images.

“I also knew that I wanted to explore the character of a ferocious boxer who had something tender to hide,” he continues. “Then it just came down to writing from those [influences] and train like a boxer. Luckily, I boxed in college and had experience getting beat up so that helped.”

The film, which has taken two years of on-and-off effort, will be released online soon.

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