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mran Abbas Does Not Want To Be Compared To Foreign Actors

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We see our hosts and bloggers comparing Pakistani actors and models to Indian counterparts all the time and we see our Pakistani celebrities enjoying such compliments. When Shaista Lodhi was compared to Karina Kapoor she was very happy about it and Sahir Lodhi tries his best to establish himself as the local Shahrukh Khan. There are many other Pakistani actors too who take such comparisons as a compliment.


We have one hero who does not want to be compared with any foreign actor because he is proud of being who he is. Recently Dawn News published an interview of Imran Abbas in which it gave the tag line ‘Imran Abbas interested to become the next Behlul’. Behlul was a character played by one of the leading Turkish actors in Turkish serial Ishq-e-Memnu which was very hit in Pakistan too.

Imran Abbas wasn’t happy with this comparison and he made it very clear that he did not want to be Behlul or anyone else, he was very happy being who he was.

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