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18th Death Anniversary of Famous Poet Muhammad Khalid Akhtar


Late Muhammad Khalid Akhtar, a renowned Urdu writer and comedian, passed away at age 18.

Muhammad Khalid Akhtar was born on January 23, 1920 in Bahawalpur. However, His father Maulvi Akhtar Ali was a Member Legislative Assembly from Bahawalpur. Khalid Akhtar received his early education from Sadiq Public School Bahawalpur, where Shafiqur Rahman was also his classmate.

In the immediate aftermath of Pakistan’s Chaiwara Settlement, a remote village in Lyari, a remote area of ​​Karachi, the town was home to a young Urdu writer who wrote a novel that made the poor Baloch town’s name known in history.

This young man was later found to be an Urdu composer, translator and ambassador of Urdu which is known in Urdu literature as Mohammad Khalid Akhtar. Mohammed Khalid Akhtar’s writings show the same fervor and brilliance that was in his nature.

Their own room at home was a testimony to their personal simplicity. He was a writer, but his love of study was not found in major writers. Mohammad Khalid Akhtar was no traditional writer. He chose several essays to write. Be it humor or travel, However, parody or translation, they did unique work in each genre.

Mohammed Khalid Akhtar left the world on February 2, 2002, he is no longer among us and time will change the Chakiwara one day but Mohammed Khalid Akhtar’s writings will keep him and his Chakwara alive forever.

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