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Munawar Zareef’s Death Anniversary being observed


Pakistan’s famous passed away actor munawar zareef Death anniversary is observed on 29 April, the day when munawar zareef passed away from this mortal world.

But showbiz related people specially his fans talk and arrange events about him nearly the whole week. Accordingly Nowadays people are recalling the munawar zareef memories left by this legend actor.

Munawer Zareef was born in the densely populated area which is also the heart of Lahore city, Qila Gujar Singh, near Laxmi chowk. Royal Park where the offices of most of the film dealers, producers and distributors are located, is the adjacent area to Qila Gujar Singh.

Munawar Zareef was a very legend actor of his time and worked in numerous films. He had a unique style which was not dependent on any other actor’s style or performance.

He played leading role as the central character of the story in several films. He started his career with his work in the film ‘Dandyan’ released in 1961. After that, he worked in more than 300 films.

Munawar Zareef’s most memorable films were Banarsi Thag, Naukar Vohti Da, Manji Kithay Dhawan, Namak Haram, Rangeela Aur Munawar Zareef, Parday Mein Rehnay Do, Jeera blade and Sheeda Pistol.

He also worked in other films such as Sacha Jhoota,Heer Ranjha etc.This actor was a comedian actor and used to make the audience laughing in every film. Even some more legend actors such as Nannha , Ali Ejaz and Omer Shareef etc copied his style and remained very successful.

Munawar Zareef pair with film star Rangeela was a very popular pair that made several films memorable and commercially successful movies.In his film Manji Kithay Dahwan, he performed the role of an old person whose sons are obedient.

The old person had no place for living and he passed his time with sitting on footpaths and roads. No one allow him to sit in front of his shop even after falling night and chowkidars asked him to take his bed away.

The important thing of his role in this film was that he played the role of an old person in the whole film from start to end.

The producer and director chose a very young person who was even less than forty to play the role of an old one, indicating or admitting that his performance would be better than several old actors.

Munawar Zareef died of heart failure in very young age of 35 after prolonged tasteless life with reference of meal. Doctors advised him not to use fat. Accordingly he was compelled to take fat free vegetables.



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