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Muneeb Butt explain her statement regarding second marriage


Actor Muneeb Butt has clarified on social media about his statement regarding second marriage.

Muneeb Butt had recently joined Nida Yasir’s show in connection with the promotion of his play “Baddua” where Nida had asked him many interesting things about the play and his life.


A short video clip of the show is going viral on social media in which Muneeb Butt asks host Nida Yasir what are you afraid of? In response to this question, Nida says, “I am afraid that my husband may remarry.”

Muneeb Butt

In response to Nida Yasir, Muneeb Butt says that women should be afraid of this and that is why women should take care of their husbands, take care of them and give them so much love that their minds do not go elsewhere.

Muneeb Butt

However, some social media pages misrepresented this video clip of Muneeb Butt. Which led to a lot of criticism on social media. After which Muneeb Butt shared this video clip on his Instagram account. Slammed the social media pages for misrepresenting what he said.

Muneeb Butt wrote in the caption that “This is the clip that is misintrepeted by a few publication. This was not a serious conversations as seen we were joking. I sarcastically joked that you should be scared and pamper your husband even more.
Picking a clip and using it in a different context to malign my character is not journalism.
I do not think women should live under a constant fear that their husband will leave them. I am a husband my self and love my wife and she loves me. Thats the basic pillar of our relationship.
Muneeb would request all the pages sharing these clips to do their basic fact checks then spread such negative content.”

Muneeb Butt

Nida Yasir also became a part of the discussion and explained his point saying that I also spoke in jest. Why do people paint things differently? I mean, don’t even joke now, they’ll know what ours is.

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