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Democracy is not for our nation: Muneeb Butt


Muneeb Butt, a well-known actor of Pakistan showbiz industry. He says that democracy is not for our nation. This nation is run only by sticks and no one can straighten it except sticks.

 In a message released on the social media site Facebook. The actor looked very disappointed by the nation and shared a post full of grief and anger.

Reviewing the current situation of the nation. He concluded that democracy is not for our nation, the association of the mafia which is involved here comes out.

Muneeb Butt wrote that from the Sugar Association to the Mechanic Association. Whoever is caught stealing, he brings order from the High Court.

He said that the substance of stock has been implanted in our nation. If you do a little harshness on the people here. Then the questions of the opposition start as to why they did it and what they did.

Expressing his views, the actor wrote that only a dictator like Musharraf can run this country. On the streets with the people of the association.

He said, “Whoever does wrong, kill him, put him in prison, put him in jail and straighten him.”

At the end of his message, Muneeb Butt wrote that this post reflects his views. Which not everyone has to agree with.

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