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Murphy refuses to change daughter’s diapers


LOS ANGELES-Eddie Murphy has revealed he has refused to change his children’s diapers – because he doesn’t think he’s very good at it.

The ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ star welcomed daughter Izzy Oona into the world in May with his partner Paige Butcher but insists he’s not the one who deals with the dirty nappies.

He said: ‘’I don’t change diapers.
I would be horrible at it and that’s not fair to the child.

However, Eddie has revealed that his other eight children get along really well with the family’s new addition.

He told Extra: ‘’Everybody’s really cool with each other and it’s all love all the way around everybody gets along that’s a good thing.
It’s a love fest at the house.
’’ Meanwhile, it was previously revealed that Eddie is a big ‘’family man’’.

A source shared: ‘’Eddie really is a family man and loves all of his children, so he’s so excited about having another one.

‘’Even though he has eight children by four different women, they all come together on holidays and for sporting events and hang out at his mansion as one big blended family.

‘’All of the children love each other dearly and the women, having all moved on with their own relationships, co-exist very well together.

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