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Mustafa Qureshi completes 49 years of his career


Pakistani renowned film star Mustafa Qureshi has completed 79 years of his active life as a legend actor of Pakistani films. He mostly perform negative roles and appeared as villain.

He worked in nearly 600 films and got much appreciations throughout his career. The actor was born in 1938 in Hyderabad sindh in a Sindhi speaking ed family.

However in spite of his Sindhi mother tongue he remained more  successful in Punjabi and Urdu films. His performance for these film made him a legend actor.  

As he was born in Hyderabad, he got his primary education there and then got master degree from the Sindh University. His primary education also consisted of religious subjects.

He was also impressed by the personality of Pir Ali Muhammad Rashdi, a local as well as national scholar and his articles were published in Pakistan’s national newspapers regularly After graduation, he started his  career as a host in Radio Pakistan’s Sindhi program ‘Asan Jo Pakistan’ (our pakistan).

It is told that when he want to see the shooting of Actor Muhammad Ali ‘s film ‘Aag Ka Dariya’, the shooting staff including cameraman and director Raza Mir, who already knew him with reference to his radio program, asked him to work in their upcoming film ‘Lakhon Main Aik’ as a villain.

He first did not agree with them saying that he could not work as an actor but later he was convinced and accepted his role. The film was hit at box office and he got fame through this film.

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Then his journey of success was started.Mustafa Qureshi is a popular star but he proved himself very skillful in  dialog delivery, the most important and difficult segment of the acting.

His unique style of dialog delivery in Punjabi language cannot be copied by others. His performance also made him award winning actor. He got Pride of Performance Award from the President of Pakistan and also Nigar Award for the best actor.

In an interview he was asked why does he perform negative roles. He replied that I want to highlight the evils of society so that people can think over them and find how they can get rid of them.

One of his popular films was the film  ‘Khatarnak’ in which he worked as the leader of a dacoit gang. This film in spite of being black and white, remained very successful and liked too much.

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His another film Maula Jatt was too successful. Some quarters are planning to remake it because of its popularity.In this film this actor performed a leading role and made it a memorable film.



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