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My best friend is my mother, Yumna Zaidi.


Karachi: Actress Yumna Zaidi says that her my best friend is mother.

This time, Yumna Zaidi participate in the show of senior actress and host Samina Pirzada as a guest. Where she talk about many interesting things about her personal and professional life. “I never felt fear and dread as a child because my mother was with me all the time,” she said, referring to her best friend.

The actress also said that my mother is a very good friend of mine. Because I fight with her and she loves me so much. Because I think that a mother can give birth to her child up to nine mothers. I have and mother always remembers this, so mother’s love is more than her children.

Yumna Zaidi said that her mother has explain her everything. Since her childhood and even today she not only explains but also guides in every matter. Parents have spent their whole lives in training us to the best of their ability. The actress of the drama “Pyaar Ke Sadqay” and the drama “Raz Ulfat” also said that she loves to write poetry. Whenever I write, I show it to my mother. Then she corrects me and also give compliments.

Someone well says that:“When you are looking at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know.”

Mother is such a precious gift from God we should preserve it. We should make our mother as our best friend like Yumna Zaidi. A relation of the mother and daughter is a very beautiful and the strong relation. She is only the one who can never ever leave you in any difficult situation. Or to fight with you alone in any fight. Therefore she stands by you save you from the world. Favours you and serve you from through thick and thin.

May Allah bless all the mothers in the world.

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