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Naagin season two 15th October 2016 full episode written update: Shivangi accepts that she is in love with Rocky


Ruchika says to Badi Maa that she will kill Shivangi but she tells her that if she kills her, then police will find her. Even Rocky will not marry her as police is still looking for the murderer of the DJ

Shivangi and her friends read about the “Ichhadhaari Nagin” on the internet and find that they are nagins by birth and they have an age of 100 years.

Rocky goes to Shivangi’s bakery and brings her out and tells her how much she has changed his life in 3 days and how much he loves her with tears in his eyes. But Shivangi tells him that she doesn’t love him and even if she does she can’t hurt the feelings of her fiance. She pushes him and asks him to go.

Shivanya goes to the Shiv Temple and tells her guruji that Aadi told them about a nagin. Guruji tells her that if he has seen her then she definitely is a nagin. Shivanya says that she will get her daughter married before she turns 25. She says she won’t let her daughter turn a nagin. Guruji tells her that she can’t change Shivangi’s fate but she can pray to Lord Shiva and she should have faith in him. Shivanya then wishes that Shivangi may get the love of her life and all the happiness. Shivanya then says to guruji that she must leave now as all other naags must be there anytime.

Shesha reaches there and says to Lord Shiva that its the night where he grants all the wishes of naags, and that he has to give her a hint about Shesha and performs Taandav. Shesha then closes her eyes and sees a fire in a jungle. Shesha reaches there and finds a naag and nagin over there who were making love. Shesha asks them about Shivanya but the naagin refuses to tell and Shesha kills them. Shesha changes her form and proceeds to the market in search of Shivanya. She hears some shopkeeper sending an order to Shivanya. Shesha follows him and reaches to Shivanya’s house but couldn’t see who recieved the delivery. So she changes into a man and knocks the door and asks about Shivanya. The lady asks him how does he know Shivanya so she says that she was in the town and thought of meeting her.

The lady shows him the photographs of Shivanya and Ritik with garlands and tells him that after Ritik’s demise Shivanya and her child also died. Shesha goes and feels happy and thinks that now only she is there to get the naagmani. Rocky goes to the street fighting where Aadi wins the fight. Rocky says to Shivangi that he wants to talk to her but Shivangi goes to congratulate Aadi. Rocky says that he will defeat Aadi and then she has to talk to her. Rocky enters the boxing ring and Aadi hits him hard. Rocky’s friend tells Shivangi’s sisters that Rocky has broken his engagement for Shivangi and he has no idea about street fighting but is getting beaten up from Aadi for Shivangi. Shivangi’s friends tell this to Shivangi and ask her to stop them.

Badi Maa calls Rocky but his friend tells her that he is in the fighting ring and fighting for the girl he loves. Badi Maa decides to kill that girl but Shesha says that she wants to kill her. Badi Maa tells her that Rocky will be there and he won’t marry her if he finds out and then she leaves with a gun and poisonous bullet that Shesha gives her. Shivangi goes after Rocky and asks him why he did that. Rocky says to talk to her, he asks her to accept that she loves him but Shivangi says that she can’t as she is engaged. Rocky says that even he got out of his engagement for her. Rocky asks her to be at the temple in the evening if she loves him and he says that he knows that she loves him.

Shivanya comes to the fight area and asks Shivangi about Rocky. She asks what is between them and if she loves him. Shivanya says that she knows how beautiful it is to be in love and tells her about Ritik and her. She asks her if she loves him and Shivangi accepts that she loves him. Shivanya says that she will do anything to get her the love of her life. Badi Maa crosses Shivanya and Shivangi but they don’t see each other.

Rocky tells Badi Maa that Shivangi has left the place but she can meet her at the temple in the evening. They reach the temple where Badi Maa asks him to go in as she has to make a call. She calls the sharp shooter and says to shoot when she will ask. She pours sindoor on Rocky’s feet and sends him to wash it. Rocky tells her that the girl who is in orange and is doing Aarti is the one he loves.

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