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Nadia Hussain responds to criticism of junior models


Promising Pakistani model Nadia Hussain says she should never or should not undergo surgical treatments.

Nadia Hussain

The Leading model Nadia Hussain says that those who are interested in plastic surgery. They have the financial status to fulfil this interest must go to it.

Nadia Hussain

If I ever had the chance to have plastic surgery. I would definitely do it but people must understand the difference between surgery and Botox treatment.


Regarding modelling, the actress said that it is difficult to get permission to model in our country. I would only ask parents to let their children do what they want.


The model also said about the actress that it is not an easy task. There is a lot of patience and waiting in it. I think acting and modelling are both hard work.


Nadia said that she has been modelling for 20 years but I am very satisfied with all the work she has done so far. She also got a lot of love from the fans.

Nadia Hussain

But I have also heard juniors say that models like Nadia do not give up their lives, then other models like Nadia also send a message to them that we do not become a part of any show but hire us as organizers, and ten times more than you people. They also give money.

Nadia Hussain

Model Nadia Hussain said that fashion wax is being held continuously in Pakistan but there is still a lack of creative work, but in spite of this the work is still going well.

Nadia Hussain

There should be fashion shows for students in the country, there is a lot of creative work in them.

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