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Nadia Jameel Fightning against Cancer.


Nadia Jameel is a Pakistani actress and host. And is known for her acting in Meri Jaan, Raat Chali Hai Jhoom Ke, Balu Mahi and Behadd. She such a big name for Pakistan industry. She is such a talented actress. Nadia was never passionate about becoming an actress. Yet her destiny made her one. She made her debut in the industry in the 1990s.

Nadia is serving as a child protection worker. She looks after the children who ever been molest by anyone. Nadia has adopt two children in Pakistan. And is giving them the love of a mother. She often comes forward whenever any issue occurs and never afraid to speak on any matter.

In April 2020, Nadia Jamil was diagnose with breast cancer. She was dignose with the three grade tumor. She is under treatment for Breast Cancer. Nadia Jamil is bravely fighting the battle against cancer. 

 In an earlier post Nadia says. Meet my radiation machine…Cancer does not have to be ONLY a frightening, painful journey. It has its moments of healing, of strength and grit…because us cancer patients, survivors, carry that grit inside us. All of us carry it inside us. It takes something or the other to unlock it. I’ve always love dancing. Here is me saying to me…Don’t stop dancing ever.The trees dance the hardest during a storm.

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Lately Nadia Jameel share some beautiful pictures of herself. On her instagram account. Saying My hair are growing back. back 🙂 Alhamdolillah. Slowly and steadily. I think I’ll keep it a short buzz cut for now. Because I quite like the shape of my head. And would like to enjoy it a little longer. It makes my eyes shine. Thank you Ma for making it so nice. Hehe 😊.

Here is the post:

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