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Nadia Jamil says that “Cancer is not the end of my life”


Nadia Jamil, a well-known Pakistani actress and social activist suffering from cancer. She also says that cancer is not the end of her life.

Sharing a collage based on his memorable photos on the social networking site Twitter. She also wrote that the lives of all of us will come to an end but I am sure that cancer is not the end of my life.

“It is an established fact that we are living our lives in order and moving towards our final journey,” she wrote.

Nadia Jameel wrote that the most interesting aspect of our lives is how we deal with the worries and obstacles in our lives, and these obstacles keep reminding us that life is not over yet.

She said that he is constantly trying to learn patience and deal with the possible fears of his life, which must be overcome.

It should be noted that Nadia Jameel was diagnosed with breast cancer in early April this year, since then she has been sharing information about her treatment with fans.

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