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Naeem Bokhari left Khabarnaak and there is talk of its founder Aftab Iqbal returning

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Naeem Bokhari left Khabarnaak and there is talk of its founder Aftab Iqbal returning to it. Aftab Iqbal’s other similar shows at Express and other channels have already failed and he is also desperate to return because he needs attention and limelight.

Ali Mir, the heart of Khabarnaak is the real guy behind the program and he wants limelight too. His biggest complaint is that he does all the hard work and it is only due to his versatile acting and mimicry that people this show and this is exclusive to him. It is true to large extent.

The thing is that every channel is telecasting programs like Khabarnaak and Hasb e Haal. All they have to do is to get some jokers and an anchors and they start insulting each other and then they put some song in it or dance, and that’s about it. But Ali Mir’s performance is exclusive to Khabarnaak and he cashes it a lot.

Reasons of Naeem Bokhari departure from Khabarnaak are many. First that he wasn’t really suited for the role. He was palpably and very clearly biased in favor of PPP and was ridiculing the PMLN openly without any merit. Everybody knows that he has personal grudge with the Sharif family of PMLN and it is decades old feud. He was using Khabarnaak platform to settle his score.

Then Ali Mir was also feeling that Naeem Bokhari was taking up his space and he wasn’t feeling at home and for him he was yet another Aftab Iqbal. Let’s see how takes care of Khabarnaak now. It seems cohost Ayesha and Ali Mir have lot come closer too.

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