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Naimal Khawar plans to return to screen


Actress Naimal Khawar who left the showbiz industry after marriage has hinted at fans returning to screen in the future.

Naimal Khawar

In a live Instagram session from Naimal, a fan asked why she is not working in plays.


“If I talk honestly about it, if I can find time, I may work in plays, but i have a little difficulty with (son) Mustafa,” she replied to the fan’s question.

She said that if he gets a little older I might be seen on screen by next year.


“I can’t say anything with complete certainty yet, if I can management my work and my child together, then I will definitely work,” she added.


“It’s hard to find time right now, so I’m not working in plays,” Said Naimal Khawar.

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