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Naimal Khawar wish Hamza a happy birthday


Pakistani actress Naimal Khawar Khan has congratulated her Hubby Hamza Ali Abbasi on his birthday and described him as a man with a beautiful heart.

Naimal Khawar Khan congratulated her husband Hamza Ali Abbasi on his birthday in a beautiful way. Naimal shared a picture of Hamza on the social networking site Instagram in which he sat on the shore of a lake and watched the beautiful view of the setting sun.

Sharing the photo, Neemal Khawar Khan also praised her husband Hamza Ali Abbasi and wrote, “Hamza is a man with a golden heart who is full of purity.”

She thanked Hamza Abbasi and added, “Thank you so much for brightening every day of my life, happy birthday.”

On the other hand, Hamza Ali Abbasi also shared Naimal Khawar Khan’s post on his Instagram story and expressed his love.

It should be noted that today is the 36th birthday of Hamza Ali Abbasi, actor, director and host of Pakistan film and drama industry.

Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar Khan were married on August 25 last year in Islamabad.

A few days after the wedding, Naimal also formally announced in a tweet that he had quit acting.

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