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Naseebo Lal is obsessed with the reaction of the fans


Leading senior singer Naseebo Lal, who sang the Pakistan Super League (PSL) 6 anthem ‘Grove Meera’. She said she had no idea that people would get so much love after singing the PSL anthem.

Naseebo Lal

Singer Naseebo Lal has released a video statement in which she said. “No one even considered her capable of singing a song. But God was kind to her and she sang a PSL 6 song.”

Naseebo Lal described PSL Anthem as the most challenging song of his life. She said that “PSL 6 songs have been sung very loudly. It was the most difficult song in my life.”

Naseebo Lal

Singer Naseebo Lal also became immortal while thanking God during her video statement.

Naseebo Lal

She added, “She didn’t even know how to say PSL and he didn’t even know what it meant, but after this song, people are giving so much love and so much love, people will never get so much love.”

Naseebo Lal

Naseebo Lal also said that if she is asked to sing PSL song every year, she will work hard to sing every year.

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