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Nauman Ijaz poetic appeal to the nation to stay home


Renowned actor Nauman Ijaz has poetically appealed to the Pakistani nation to stay home in the wake of the Corona virus.

Yesterday, Nauman Ijaz, a prominent actor from Pakistan Showbiz Industry, shared a video of himself on Instagram with a photo and video sharing app on Instagram, in which he read some hymns of famous Urdu poet Bashir Badar, the home of the Pakistani nation.

Nauman Ejaz reads Bashir Badar’s as follows:

یوں ہی بے سبب نہ پھرا کرو کوئی شام گھربھی رہا کرو

وہ غزل کی سچی کتاب ہے اُسے چُپکے چُپکے پڑھا کرو

کوئی ہاتھ بھی نہ ملائے گا جو گلے ملو گے تپاک سے

یہ نئے مزاج کا شہر ہے ذرا فاصلہ سے ملا کرو

Noman Ejaz said after reading the poem, “Police and army would not have stood on our roads today if we had used our minds and understood that the end was near.”

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