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The great reveal of actress Nazish Jehangir


LAHORE: Leading television actress Nazish Jehangir has informed fans about his illness. Saying that timely treatment of the disease can have devastating effects.

He said this in a message on social networking site Instagram.

In a lengthy message to her fans, actress Nazish Jehangir. Who starred in the acting serial of ARY Digital. She revealed that she has been suffering from depression for a long time, many do not know. Not treating post-traumatic stress disorder can have devastating effects.

He said the disease not only affects your family and friends’ relationships. But it also leaves you with emotional problems and other health problems.

Nazesh Jehangir messaged fans via social media that. There is no formula that can suddenly remove you from fear. However, Be patient and allow your journey to become an ointment. They also worship.

Who both denied that the allegations were small and baseless.

In addition, several actresses from the showbiz industry have been seen talking about depression on social media, including actress Mawra Hussain, Hina Altaf and Mahi Baloch, among others.

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