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Neelam Munir little fan sketched her


A little fan of Pakistan Showbiz Industry’s well-known actress Neelam Munir named Urva sketched her.

On the photo and video sharing app Instagram, actress Neelam Munir shared a photo of her little fan named Urva and her hand-drawn sketch.

Sharing these photos, the actress wrote, “Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful ‘sketch’ of my little and sweet little Urwa.”

“Your inner beauty is reflected in your work and I appreciate your hard work,” he wrote, praising his fan’s art.

Neelam Munir wrote, “Your sketch for me expresses your love for me.”

Finally, Neelam also praised the beauty of the little fan.

Earlier, in an Instagram post, Neelam Munir wrote a meaningful message to her fans that “expecting the best from Allah Almighty is the most important thing for the happiness and success of our lives.”

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