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Neelam Munir shared the translation of Surah Al-Muminoon


Talented actress Neelam Munir shared the translation of Surah Al-Muminoon on social media.

The photo and video sharing app has shared a photo of actress Neelam Munir on Instagram with the translation of verses 112, 113 and 114 of Surah Al-Muminoon.

Verse 112 of Surah Al-Muminoon says, “(Then) Allah will say (to the inmates of Hell): ‘How many years of reckoning are there in the earth?’

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He will say: “We have been living for a day or less. (We don’t remember completely.) So ask those who have counted (the time). ”

According to verse 114, Allah will say: “You have also not lived for a short time. It would have been nice if you had understood that! ”

The actress shared this post on her Instagram account 3 hours ago, which has been liked by about 18,000 fans so far, while a series of comments are also being made on it.

It should be noted that actress Neelam Munir has also not written any caption with this post.

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