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Neelam Munir Special Message regarding to Lockdown


Leading actress Neelam Munir Khan says that no matter how difficult the situation is, the Muslim never panics.

Yesterday, prominent actress from Pakistan showbiz industry Neelam Munir Khan shared a video of herself on Instagram with a photo and video sharing app Instagram showing her asking Muslims to apologize to Allah in this difficult time.

Neelam Munir said in his video, “If you know and believe in you, then what do you fear?”

The actress said: ‘Don’t panic because Muslim never panic. Take precautions that are careful.’

They said, “But above all things, Allah has given you time.”

Neelam Munir said, “If you have no business today, you should open and worship in your house.

The actress said, “It is also a time of great fortune, otherwise people’s lives go through like this.”

They said, “Allah is Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Recognize His mercy; Allah never lets His servants be disappointed.”

Neelam Munir said, “I pray very much for all those who are infected with corona virus, I pray for all of you and for all the people in Pakistan.”

The actress said, “I apologize to Almighty Allah and pray that Allah Almighty should just end this epidemic now because always remember that no drug, no vaccine will be made until Allah wants it.”

They said, “This world is Allah’s. All control is from Allah.”

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