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Atrocities against blacks, Palestinians and Kashmiris are horrible: Neelam Munir


The leading actress of Pakistani showbiz industry Neelam Munir has condemned the atrocities perpetrated on blacks, Palestinians and Kashmiris all over the world and termed them as horrific.

While international artists are raising their voices over the killing of black citizen George Floyd by white police officers in the United States, Pakistani showbiz stars are also raising their voices to protect the lives of blacks.

Leading Pakistani actress Neelam Munir has released a message on her photo and video sharing app Instagram.

“It’s true that the lives of black people matter,” Munir shared a photo of the ongoing anti-racism protests in the United States on Instagram.

“Every human life is important to us Muslims because our Qur’an also teaches us equality and that it is the good deeds and good morals of a human being that increase his status in the eyes of other people,” she said. ‘

“The atrocities perpetrated on blacks, Palestinians and the people of Occupied Kashmir are painful. My heart weeps when I see this,” he said.

“Developed countries are easily oppressing humanity in front of the whole world, which is a great shame,” Munir also said.

The actress also said, “I hope that one day, God willing, this oppression will end. May God protect us all. Amen.”

A U.S. citizen was shot dead by a U.S. Police officer in Minnesota on May 25, and a video of the incident went viral on social media. Prompting protests by black Americans in the United States.

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