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Neetu Kapoor Message for Rishi Kapoor

Indian film industry legend Rishi Kapoor’s wife and actress Neetu Kapoor wrote a farewell message for her husband.

In his Instagram post, Neetu Kapoor shared a photo of Rishi Kapoor in his memory in which Rishi Kapoor is smiling as usual.

The Indian actress wrote a farewell message to Rishi Kapoor in the caption of her post ‘End of our story.’

Earlier, Neetu had posted on Instagram a statement issued by Neetu and his family to the actor’s fans and relatives after Rishi Kapoor’s death.

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A statement from Rishi Kapoor’s family revealed that “Rishi Kapoor was very happy even in the last moments of his life.”

The Indian actor’s family had told his fans and friends that “we will remember Rishi Kapoor not with tears but with a smile.”

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End of our story ❤️❤️

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Rishi Kapoor, a 67-year-old Indian actor, was diagnosed with cancer two years ago and moved to New York for treatment. A year later, he returned to Mumbai in September last year and returned to Mumbai. He lost his life at HN Reliance Hospital in Mumbai on Thursday morning.

Rishi Kapoor’s family includes his wife Neto Kapoor, son Ranbir Kapoor and daughter Radhima Kapoor.

The Indian actor made his last film in 2019, ‘The Body’.

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