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Artists who embark on a new journey


2019 Review | The year 2019 Review has entered its closing stages. During which many well-known personalities have had good luck.

Let’s take a look at the actors or actresses. However, who started a new life.

Sofia Khan (Fia)

Pakistani model and actress Sofia Khan was the first actress to get married in January. She started her new journey from Germany to Berlin.

Model Amina Babar

Pakistan’s renowned model and actress Amina Babar married a close friend in February. This year and embarked on a new journey. After which Kadrat also received her daughter ‘s blessing.

Actress Iman Ali

Pakistan’s renowned actress and model Ayman Ali also renovated her home in February this year.

Actress Anjuman

The Pakistani film industry’s successful actress and superstar Anjuman married producer Lucky Ali in June this year.

Ahad Raza and Sajjal Ali’s engagement

Singer and actor Ahad Raza announced June 9 engagement with Sajjal Ali on the social networking site.  During, the occasion of Eid, the news of engagement has become the embodiment of social media.

The marriage of actors Maneb Butt and Ayman Khan

Actor Manib Butt. Who joined a fiancée with fellow actress Ayman Khan on August 30, 2019. Later they had a daughter .

Hamza Ali Abbasi and Nimil Khawar Khan

This year’s most talked about wedding of Hamza Ali Abbasi and Nimil Khawar. Both started their new journey in August. The wedding ceremony was very simple.

Meera sethi

Pakistani actress Meera Sethi tied the knot with her friend Bilal Siddiqui in November this year and embarked on a new journey.

Jabran Nasir and Manasha Pasha’s engagement

Pakistani actress Manasha Pasha and social leader Jibran Nasir engaged in Karachi December 22.

The marriage of Iqra Aziz and Yasser

The marriage of actress Yasir Hussain and Iqbal Aziz is scheduled in December 28. The two chose Karachi to embark on a new life journey.

However, Mahira Khan has been appointed as the Ambassador of Human Rights in Pakistan. While the Special Envoy to the UN High Commission for Refugees.

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