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A New Fight Broke Out In India Because Of Naming The Child Of Karina And Saif


Mumbai: In Bollywood the actor Karina Kapoor and Saif Ali named their new child ‘Taimoor’. The India broke a new fight with this. That this name is not suitable.

A new baby born in the house of Karina Kapoor and Saif Ali and they both named him Taimoor but the Author Tarek Fatah do tweet and a new fight broke out in India. In his tweet he says, that Karina is uneducated and uniformed person who give name to her child Taimoor the enemy of India and because of his name he will also be the genocide of India.

Tarek तारिक Fatah
From Tagore to Timur. #Kareena & SaifAliKhan name their son after a man who committed a genocide of Indians – Taimur …
7:06 PM – 20 Dec 2016

Thus, this tweet broke out fight in india and because naming their children everyone became against this name and talk about it, the prime minister of Kashmir omer Abdullah tweet, in his tweet
He give congrats to them and say, that the decision of naming the child is only of their parents.
Omar Abdullah

The only people who get to decide a baby’s name are the parents of said baby & the ones they ask. Why should opinion of the rest matter?
Omar Abdullah

So congrats to Saif & Kareena and a long happy life to their baby son. May #TaimurAliKhan have a happy & healthy life?
Remember the ruler of India Ameer Taimoor invaded Delhi in 1398, and rule it for a long time.

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