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New Song Beitabiyan by Asim is loved by everyone.


Shadi season is here and is the beautiful wedding new song by Asim Azhar. Which is Beitabiyan and is love by everyone.

Candy biscuit has just release another song from “Meray dost Meray Yaar” season 2. The song is sung by Beitabiyan is sung by Asim Azhar. And is compose beautifully. A song that will add more emotions and colors to weddings this season.

The song is featured in the 4th episode of the drama serial Meray dost Meray Yaar. In the video wedding sequel can be seen where the group of the friends are dancing together. Recently Candy biscuit release this song.

Let’s have look to the video:

The full song with the complete video is release and people are totally in love with it. The song beautifully sing by Asim Azhar. We have garner the public reaction on this song and to our surprise there was hardly any harsh comment.

Read the comments:

For enlightened readers:

Asim Azhar is the popular singer and actor along with the model as well. He is the complete package of full entertainment. Therefore he step in the showbiz industry as a singer. He has such a soulful voice. Many of the people like his songs. Whenever a new song or album is been release by the Asim. It became the mega hit song of the year. Majority of the people are fan of Asim’s soulful voice.

Apart from singing he is such a great actor. He seen in acting many of the dramas and short telefilms. But that short films also became super hit. His followers and the public admire his awesome acting skills. At last when it comes to modeling Asim alluring face can never be denied. He can be seen working for several brands. For all these servings for the public he also receive many awards for best actor and many more. These are the reasons why the fans of Asim’s are increasing day by day.

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