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Great announcement from Saudi government on New Year’s celebrations


Riyadh: Saudi Arabia’s government has denied. The news circulating on social media. Saying that the arrival of the new year will not be celebrated in the state.

The announcement by the Saudi Arabia Department of Entertainment says that the new CE will not be officially celebrated anywhere. “The department wants to make. It clear that no license has been issued to celebrate the New Year. The news of holding New Year’s celebrations in Malham, Tehsil. Riyadh is baseless and false,” the statement said. Are ‘.

The department said that

“The person who organized the celebration for New Year’s celebrations in Malham. It did not get permission from which. He was with held while the case was brought before Governor Riyadh for legal action against the aforesaid person.” done’.

Remember that news on social media yesterday. It was viral that Saudi Arabia will celebrate the New Year for the first time in its history. 

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