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The news began to circulate married actress in India, Saba Qamar


Mumbai: Pakistani actress Saba news began to circulate about the moon’s wedding in India’s Bollywood actor Irfan Khan when he said that he heard about the wedding in Pakistani actress Saba Qamar in India.

Saba QamarPakistani actress Saba Qamar has even stepped in Bollywood and soon versatile hero Irfan Khan with her will be seen in ‘Hindi medium, when the film news out to the Pakistani actress of the film before shooting under Saba Qamar rotation but fellow actor has revealed the big surprise Pakistanis and Indians.

According to Indian media Khan said about the cast of Saba Qamar film location Saba Qamar has not cast any alternative model nor even the history of the film when the knowledge of the What was causing rumors are running. I have heard that the actor in question is married Saba in India and they were Indian.

The Saba Qamar Khan from the Pakistani and Indian fans are surprised but I can refute or verify the truth about marriage Saba.

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