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Nida Yasir is Not Happy With Yasir Nawaz’s Role in Chaudhary & Sons


Nida Yasir expressed her opinion about Yasir’s character in Chaudhry and Sons. In which he is an eligible bachelor who is in his fourtees and is being named as Taashi Mamoo.

Yasir Nawaz

Talking about Yasir Nawaz’s drama Chauhdhry and Sons Nida Yasir said, “I am not watching the drama. I also told Yasir that he hasn’t done a good selection in this regard. I said to him. You have been doing the characters of main lead’. I am not happy with his role and I’m not watching it, 

Nida Yasir

Yasir said yes without reading the script, I have complaint from 7th Sky and I am expressing that, I am not fake, Yasir is not made for such roles, Yasir gets great offers from top producers and he never say yes to them with this much ease” 

Nida Yasir

Yasir Nawaz said that he has no complaints, however, he remained disturbed while doing that character, he further said that 7th Sky Production’s projects are always good and he’s okay with it. Here is the video.

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