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Nimra Ali Transformed Into A Ravishing Young Bride.


Nimra Ali is the teenager girl. Who becomes the media sensation with her chirpy interview. With city 42. Which was liked by people. She is so much talkative and a talented girl. Like Nimra Ali there are many of people who became the social media sensation due to their talent.

Nimra Ali sensation of Pakustan break through tears

In Pakistan there is a lot of talent and creativity filled people. Who are poor and can’t have chance to show their talent publicly. But Nimra Ali is the luckiest one who finds the chance to express her talent. She is such a cute and innocent girl. Then after her that interview she was interviewed by many anchors. Even she was also interviewed by Yasir Shami in daily Pakistan. Where she didn’t even give chance to Yasir to speak.

Then she was interviewed by Nida Yasir in Good Morning Pakistan. Along with her family where Nida ask about her future plans. And she tells that it is her dream to be the part of Pakistan Showbiz. She loves to sing and loves to act. Where as she also tells that I am too much talkative person in my family. Same like my father who is no longer with us. And she also shares alot of things related to her family and future.

The teenager was over the moon for interviewed and people instantly loved her attitude. This has earned her dozens of fans. But also drew criticism from people who say that her talkative nature isn’t cute. But it is very irritating. Nimra Ali was interview by many local channels after getting fame.

Nimra Ali latest Shoot:

Recently Nimra Ali got transformed into ravishing young bride. By the leading fashion photographer duo “Guddu” and “Shani”. In collaboration with hair and makeup artist by “Maham Gull MUA”.

Nimra looked extremely gorgeous after the transformation. Her look was totally change from the usual one. 

Have a look to the pictures:

Here we have her video as well:

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