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Taifa is not in trouble but rocking on box office


You may not have seen ‘Taifa in Turbouble’ yet. But it is from the impossible that you do not even know the conflict around the film. Al-Zafar, the Pakistani singer of the filmmaker Masha Shafi, who is also the star of the film as well as her co-author and producer, has allegedly harassed the media and TV channels for sexual harassment. Due to a campaign, Taifa in Trouble movie should be boycotted.

Ali Zafar, who strongly rejects these allegations, has also sued Mishra Shafi, which decision is still pending in courts. It is clear from the allegations that I cannot say anything here but regrets that there is a shadow on “Taifa in Turboule” due to this dispute because this film is definitely one of the best films in Pakistan.

‘Taifa In Turbouble’ is not a very deep film. It’s a spicy ’12 masala chat’ movie, a story of a Pakistani superhero, like ‘Mula Jat’. It is necessary to keep the reality a little bit aside in this type of 12 masala movie.The hero of the movie, Taifa belong to lower class of the inner city of Lahore, which can run farther than ordinary people, which can penetrate ten twenty-fours with a glimpse, and who is ever more entitled to right or more. He wishes to do anything to give his widow mother a comfortable and happier life, and more that he can open his restaurant.

Taifa (Ali Zafar) works all difficult jobs for Butt Sahib (Mahmood Aslam). As someone has to suffer or receive money from someone who is inconsistent. Bashir (Javed Sheikh) is an old friend of Bitha Sahib, who is now in Poland, is very wealthy and is known as Bonzo. Butt wants to fix marriage of his idoit son Bilu (Ahmed Bilal) with Bonnie’s daughter Aynah (Maya Ali). But when Bonus refuses his wishes, Butt became bitter, and send his loyal Taifa to Poland, to bring back to Aynah.The rest of the story rotates around it, what tricks do to bring Taifa Aynah from Poland to Pakistan, what makes a relationship between them and what happens after Aynah’s visit to Pakistan.

As told earlier, the story is not too deep. But this can be expected from such a lightweight movie. What makes this movie better is that its screen play very smart, it is not a shock that usually looks like in Pakistani movies, nor does it ever feel that the film is unnecessary. Being pulled out in the only place where I felt a little more that the film was getting too long, it finally went to the end, but a big climax that was put there is also necessary for this kind of movie. The biggest thing is that film stories and screen play are connected.

The second major thing of the script is that the role of this film is written very well and it is arranged to establish characters. That’s why you can not only understand every character but also feel sympathy with their feelings. This is an important component of any play. In this case it is important to mention the characters of Bitha and Bonuza. But Taifa and Aynah’s role are also very interesting.

The third major thing about ‘Taifa in Turbouble’ is that its production walls are very good. The performance of the Zen Hamil and Ahsan Rahim and Taha Ali’s editing and sound designs are the highest, and it seems that you are watching the real screen of a big screen. It gets headed by film director Ahsan Rahim, who looks after little things.

Recipe like Ahsan Rahim, who comes from the world of advertisements and music videos, usually throws a thirty seconds or a minute trailer, but it seems difficult to maintain the grip of the story in the long run of the film. But as the director of Ahsan, it is the fact that despite the actions of actions and fake fats, they never allow them to be subject to characters and stories.

The first scene in relation to the action, which is clearly introduced to us, and later a portrait of the film filmed in Poland, and the festivals that are inside the train’s bug in San and Lahore are particularly remarkable. But there are many smaller visuals and dialogues related to humor, which can be called ‘Throw Oh Lines’ in the tragedy, they are lucky for the film banners.

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