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The Embassy of Italy in collaboration with Serena Hotels, hosted a musical evening ‘Che La Luna’ featuring Italian guitarist and composer Carlo Ambriosio in Islamabad, on Wednesday. The event was organised to raise funds for Bright Star Mobile Library.

Two brightly painted mobile library vans remained parked at the entrance welcoming guests. Stacking hundreds of books, the guests skimmed through the van and strolled towards the main hall. As formal speeches ended, the lights dimmed to create a sepia effect in the room while bright spotlights flashed at a sole seat that was placed on the stage for the solo Italian guitarist and composer.

Ambrosio’s simple attire complemented his music. He went on from playing soulful 19th century original compositions to a jugalbandi with local tabla player, Sarfraz Anwer and the legendary Abida Parveen’s son, Sarang, towards the end of the show. Together they blended Italian and Pakistani music in a successful fusion of different sounds.

Speaking to The Express Tribune, Ambrosio said, “Inspired by romanticism, I played songs that were specifically composed for the guitar.”

Sharing his sentiments for Pakistan, he said, “While I am enthralled to perform for an audience here, I would like to return and meet with musicians and students.”

“Pakistan’s impression has been affected by the western influence.  I have to blame the West for being too invading and apologise on behalf of them for the damage which has been done in this part of the world,” he added.

He continued saying, “Music, thank God, is free from this kind of pollution. You have your own music, please keep it untouched, whatever we come here and give you, is not yours.”

Ambrosio has been performing for the international public since 1970, and has recorded for BBC, SBC Radio 3, WABC, NDR and Jules Radio. His work is highly regarded in music circles around the world for its remarkable composition.

Adriano Chiodi Cianfarani, Italian Ambassador to Pakistan said, “Education was one of the top priority sectors of the Italian development cooperation with Pakistan.” On supporting the Bright Star Mobile Library initiative, he highlighted the importance of education as a key for growth and progress of every country. A total of Rs2 million 50 thousand was raised through the event.

The Bright Star Mobile Libraries are committed to improving reading abilities and broadening knowledge horizons of the Pakistani youth. They bring Urdu and English books to the underprivileged children, who may otherwise, never have had accesses to libraries.

Ambrosio will be touring Pakistan and will perform in Lahore and Karachi as well.

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