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The Corona virus also infects James Bond’s new film


Foreign media reports that the new James Bond film ‘No Time to Die’. It was to be aired in China. Which the film’s cast and team were scheduled to tour in April.

The Hollywood film industry has also started to suffer because of the corona virus that. It has harmed other industries with humans around the world.

Star actor Daniel Craig was also scheduled to visit China along with the cast and team of “No Time to Die”.

However, due to the outbreak of Corona virus in China. The Starz team has now canceled its visit and no new dates have been announced in this regard.

The deadly virus has killed more than 1,600 people in China. As well as more than 40,000 people worldwide, including China.

About 70,000 cinemas have been closed in China, given the dangers of the deadly virus.

Filmmaker company Universal Pictures is a huge loss for China as the film industry is a huge market for it since last year the US film industry benefited more than 6 billion pounds (about 12 trillion Pakistani rupees). ۔

The 2015 Spectator of the James Bond series, which featured Daniel Craig as the lead character, earned over 60 million pounds (12 billion Pakistani rupees) in China alone.

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