quick-movie-reviewThe first half of Noor is very enjoyable and breezy, thanks to the light-hearted proceedings and snappy dialogues. Though nothing major happens plot-wise till much later, the screenplay is quite engaging showing the travails of Noor as she struggles with life, love and career. As a journalist myself, I can relate to some of the events that’s happening on the screen. It’s also great that the writers made Noor into a real character – she may spout idealism and wants to change the world, but she is flawed in her own judgement.

Sonakshi-Sinhas-NoorBut you are still on with her in this journey, though her pitfalls are mostly created by herself. Sonakshi Sinha is perfectly cast as Noor, and she has a great support from the other players, including Kanan Gill, Shibani Dandekar, Purab Kohli and Manish Chaudhary. The movie reaches half point when Noor questions her own ettiquetes as a journalist, when a big scoop she had had been screwed by her own oversight.Overall, a very enjoyable and a self-introspective first half.”Stay tuned to this space for the complete film review!