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Nothing on Miss Veet was scripted, says winner Hira Khan

Nothing on Miss Veet was scripted, says winner Hira Khan

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Another season of Miss Veet has come to an end and this time, the winner is Hira Khan from Lahore.

The journey started off with 12 participants leading to three finalists: Nimra Khan, Nafia Sahar and Hira Khan. The ladies battled it out and Hira came out on top, bagging a contract worth Rs 1 million and two tickets to Thailand.

Hira (L) with the rest of the contestants

In an interview with Images, she reflects on her journey so far and what’s next to come:

How did you end up participating in Miss Veet 2017?

Hira Khan (HK): So it wasn’t planned but I’ve been following Miss Veet for a while now, I wanted to give it a try. I’d been going for interviews for the last six months and I thought I wanted to try something new, so here I am.

At any point, during any task, did you think about giving up?

HK: I didn’t think about giving up but yes, there was one such task. In the scavenger hunt, we had to run for 500 meters each on the treadmill. That was so tough for all of us, it was mentally excruciating also because you had to do other activities too. So that was really one heck of a day and one heck of a task.

Do you think the judges were just and unbiased?

HK: The judges were really fair, it was completely transparent. Nothing was scripted, we weren’t told anything. We would just get up in the morning and we all had no idea what was going to happen that day.

What does being beautiful and confident mean to you?

HK: I believe beauty and confidence is not just about physical appearance; yes, it matters, you should be presentable but I think a person is bold and beautiful if they’re mentally beautiful. If you don’t think right or positive and have hate for people, then there is no point in your physical beauty.

Any mishaps at Miss Veet you want to share?

HK: Yes, in my acting challenge, Sir Faisal Rehman told us to act something out. So just on a light note, I acted out a fight that had taken place two minutes earlier in Isma’s room. I didn’t even know details, I just knew there was something going on and I just tried to improvise without mentioning names.

Miss Veet was scripted, says winner Hira Khan

One of the girls got offended and she was eliminated in the same episode; she blamed me for highlighting the fight and bringing it to everyone’s attention. I asked her to forgive me for nothing but she said she wouldn’t forgive and forget so that really put me off.

Were your parents supportive?

HK: My parents were very supportive throughout. My mom actually encouraged me to go and audition and said that even if it doesn’t work out, it’s okay, just give it a shot.

What’s next in the pipeline for you?

HK: My upcoming plan is to take this platform forward to underprivileged students; we’ll be designing some personality development programs for girls who cannot reach out to these facilities through Veet.

Miss Veet was scripted, says winner Hira Khan

I’m already doing a drama serial for Bol TV. And of course, I’m eventually planning to do films and commercials.

What message would you like to share with young women thinking about becoming a part of Miss Veet?

HK; Every girl who’s aspiring to be Miss Veet, I would definitely recommend them to pursue it. You get the opportunity of a lifetime to learn.

I came with the expectation of just making the most of it, I had no idea I’d win. I burst into tears when they announced it. You get to meet people, you get exposure and you really become a different person when you walk out of the Veet academy.

Hira at the finale of Miss Veet
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