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Nouman Ijaz Wife comes In Support Of her Husband.


Nouman Ijaz with his wife.

Nouman Ijaz who is a senior actor and the most entertaining one in the media industry. He is well know for his great acting skills. He is working in the media industry for such a long period of time. For such a great actor director an producer. He gain massive fame and popularity in just no time.

Noman Ijaz

In her recent interview with Iffat Omer. He share: “But my heart fell on many people many times, and I don’t control it. I fall in love with each and every moment. I am a very loving person. If I see a beautiful woman inside out. And if she is a difficult woman. I fall more for her. I fall in love. and I am such a good actor that my wife never gets to know about it.”

celebrities reation on Nouman statement

He further added that, I am such an intelligent man that my wife has no idea about it. Even the women I fall in love with. Their husbands don’t know about it. But those women know about it.

These statements of Nouman Ijaz criticize by social media. And many bash him for joking about infidelity.

Nouman Ijaz Wife support:

Rabia Nouman wife of Nouman Ijaz come out to support her husband. For his latest viral statement about cheating on his wife.

She says that people are taking it wrong. And his response was sarcastic to the stupid question ask by the host. Rabia Noman share a screenshot on her Instagram story. In which she says, “I watch the full interview. This is taken out of context. It see to be a sarcastic response to a ridiculous question. I had the pleasant surprise of meeting Mr Nouman, with his beautiful wife. And eldest son, for the opening of the movie, Cake. My mother and I were nobody important at this event. Mr Nouman took the time to engage in conversation with us. And introduce his family to us. He seem to be an intelligent, sincere and humble person. He is a great actor who will overcome this trivial nonsense.”

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