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“Oscars mean something, Indian awards lack value,” says Irrfan Khan


For someone who’s won quite a few awards in his lifetime, this seems like a strange statement to make.

However, Irrfan Khan clearly thinks that the accolades don’t add value to one’s career.

According to the Hindustan Times, the actor recently stated, “Winning awards doesn’t do anything for an actor or director. You will not get more money or better offers because they have no credibility. It’s not something that one puts in their resume.”

Khan further added that unlike the Academy awards, local Bollywood awards are nothing to boast about.

“In the West, Academy awards or Golden Globes have a lot of significance. If someone wins an award there, their graph goes up. They get better opportunities and the money follows.”

Even National awards don’t impact an artist’s career growth in Irrfan’s opinion.

“Winning a national award gives an artist great satisfaction because it’s the government appreciating your work but it makes no difference to the trajectory of your career.”

The Jurassic World actor joins the likes of many other Bolly celebs who have spoken out about how many of these trophies are meaningless, including Rishi Kapoor, who recently dismissed the many awards he receives himself.

The veteran actor said, “I use trophies as doorstops in my home. What they’ve done to film awards is extremely tragic. Agar sabko khush karna hai toh phir awards ka matlab kya hua? They pleaded with me to accept it (a lifetime achievement award). They think my time on screen is over so they keep giving me lifetime achievement awards. My work continues, irrespective of whether they give me an award or not.”

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