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Pakistan Showbiz, Alia Bhatt doesn’t want to feel apologetic about the privilege she was born with

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NEWS DESK: Nepotism in the Indian film industry does not only exist but is so rampant and considered normal that those who have built empires for their families (e.g. Rishi Kapoor) due to the very privilege they were born with refuse to even acknowledge it.


According to Pinkvilla, Karan Johar recently hosted a prestigious film festival in Mumbai, where he spoke about nepotism. According to him, nepotism had become “the awful word of the season”.“It seems like we are criminals. It’s like everywhere we are slapped with legal notices as we are children of parents who are within the film industry,” Karan added. Just Karan being Karan…Meanwhile, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt also graced the film festival with their presence. When asked about nepotism, Ranbir said, ‘’It is a sensitive conservation. At one point, you could be amused by it, but it is a sensitive thing now. My great-grandfather worked hard so that he could give his children the opportunity to do something in life. So on and so forth and it came to me.


When I have children, I would like them to have that opportunity and then see how good they are.’’Drawing parallels between movie stars and politicians, Ranbir said, “Even my father said, people in the field of politics and entertainment are chosen by the public. You may get your first film from the campaign, but unless people like you, you are not going to be chosen as a star.”Alia agreed with Ranbir and said she is grateful for all her professional pursuits. “I wanted to be here (in films), this was my dream,” she said. “My connection to the family has made things easy for me. Nepotism exists. It exists in Bollywood, the business world and during admissions in schools as well.”Then she went on to express the casual nonchalance that is the trademark of every privileged, entitled star. “I don’t know if it is a good thing or not,” she said. “I love my work. I give my 100 per cent. I work hard. I don’t want to feel apologetic about where I am today. Neither (do I) feel apologetic about being my father’s daughter.”We wonder if these rich, privileged kids of big stars ever acknowledge that they have had more opportunities than others and the least they can do is be humble about it?


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