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Pakistan Showbiz, Bil Batori of Ainak Wala Jinn Passes Away

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Actress Nusrat Ara Begum, who played the character, Bil Batori, in the 90’s classic drama, Ainak Wala Jinn, passed away today at a hospital in Lahore.

The actress suffered cardiac arrest and died at the Jinnah Hospital, Lahore where she was undergoing treatment for respiratory issue. Lately, she was transferred to intensive care unit after her condition had deteriorated.She had shot to prominence for her mesmerizing role in Ainak Wala Jinn, the most popular play aired for children in Pakistan in the 90s.

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The actress had told the media that she was ill and needed help because of her poor financial condition. She had also suffered a paralysis attack of late that affected her left leg.After the news of her ailment made it to the newsrooms, the Pakistan Baitul Mal promised Rs1 million for her treatment.Streets used to get deserted at the time of on airing of Ainak Wala Jinn. Each character of the drama stood out for their different role, including Rehmu Baba, Nastoor Jin, Bil Batori, Zakoota, Samri Jadugar, Hamoon Jadugar, and little Imran and Muatter.

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