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Pakistan Showbiz celebrities starting the new year in Kaaba Makkah Mukarma


Some well-known Pakistan Showbiz celebrities welcome the New Year to the Kaaba or Mosque Nabvi.

New year have began around the world, with all countries celebrating the arrival of 2020 with the hope that the coming year will bring happiness.

Pakistan Showbiz actor Humayun Saeed perform Umrah with his wife and Sister-in-law at the beginning of the new year and shared a picture of the Kaaba.

He wrote, “I have always wished that the new year would start from a holy place. Thank God this year my wish was fulfilled.”

He wrote, “I am saying goodbye to 2019 and welcome to the year 2020 with prayers and I wish my best wishes for my homeland Pakistan”. He also wishes his fans a Happy New Year.

In addition, Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed also perform Umrah today.

In addition, the Member of National Assembly of the People’s Party Naz Baloch welcomed the New Year at the mosque Nabvi  ﷺ  and saluted the atmosphere of Natiya poem, ‘Yarsolullah’  ﷺ  , the cool shades of the dome, the morning and evening of the mosque. Salutation to the slaves of your slaves, Yanbi  ﷺ  .

Together they thanked Allah and wrote, “The New Year started from Medina”.

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