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Pakistan Showbiz, To age with beauty: Aaminah Haq’s life today

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Once a renowned model and actress, Aaminah Haq disappeared from the limelight after her 2009 marriage with fashion designer Ammar Belal.

She currently lives abroad and enjoys her life there. Aaminah featured in numerous hit dramas, fashion shows, TV interviews and music videos. Mehndi and Chaandni Raatein are still remembered by the xennials as one of the most watched shows of the past.

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Her face featured in a number of magazine covers. In the emerging fashion industry of 90s, she played a crucial part and paved way for the models and designers to come. Despite her short height and chubby body type, Aaminah rose to fame due to her talent and struggle.


She inspired the models to come. Aaminah was “her own makeup artist” as she recalled in an interview. “The best work that I did was with people like Tapu Javeri,” she noted. The 90s supermodel admitted to following a number of emerging and talented models on Instagram and believes that it is her way of telling them that she is her fan.

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She lives in New York these days and works in the fashion industry.

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