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Suhana is a happy-go- lucky girl who is not mature enough to take her life decisions. She is a pampered child and pampering has made her situation worse, she usually say things at the wrong time.

Reason why she couldn’t understand Rameez’s flirtatious nature was that he was a university hunk who blew her over.He is proud about his fame amongst girls. His expressions and style shows that he knows he is famous amongst all the girls. He has no interest in his family business. He likes Suhana but is not ready for marriage.Imtiyaz is a mature man and is in his early forties. He is a far off relative of Suhana. Imtiyaz is well settled and well-educated, running his own business. for no particular reason his age has crossed the typical marriage age.Suhana’s lively attitude has made him fall for her. Opposite attracts, but he is very older than her. Imtiyaz asks for Suhana’s hand from her family. Without getting Suhana to agree for the proposal, the family does Istikhara which comes out to be a YES.Suhana resists marriage and tells everybody about her love for Rameez.. Rameez’s careless attitude and procrastinating from getting married breaks suhanas heart and that is when she agrees for Imtiyaz. Once she gets married to Imtiyaz she gets all the necessities and luxuries of life but fails to adjust in his life.She could not get over Rameez and Imtiyaz realizes it too. He tries to do everything for her happiness but remained disappointed. He divorces her and she goes back to Rameez.

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