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Women play a significant role in our society and sadly have been discouraged. They hold the power to either make or break absolutely any relationship. Haal-e-Dil is a tale of two families and the plot of this drama revolves around three sisters who have set their goals and desire so much from life, whether good or bad it’s their own.

The parents of these daughter’s probably have the personalities which are poles apart, a calm and quiet father – who has put up with his loud and obnoxious mother for sake of his daughters future.Noor-ul-ain, a plain intelligent girl who constantly shows efforts to keep every person happy around her. Shagufta, an conceited and ill-mannered one amongst the three, who blames her family for not getting her married, Simmi however, the youngest sister of all is outspoken and determined.Faisal is a good looking, educated man who being the eldest of the family is responsible for his entire family, he married to a great girl named Faryal, whose always trying to make things right. Faisal has a younger brother Rommi, who wants to marry his cousin Noor.The lives of these families somehow or the other just unite and several kinds of situations just pop up! Don’t miss out on watching the latest show.

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