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Pakistani Actors who do not like to socialize.


Pakistani actors work hard to provide us entertainment. Many actors the old and the new ones have expressed their likes and dislikes in interviews. Some of the actors like to socialize in big events, on other hand, there are other actors who do not like to socialize or attend social gatherings.

Few of the actors in this list might appear to be really fond of socializing on social media but actually its not. Here are the list of those Pakistani actors who do not like to socialize.

Imran Abbas

Imran Khan, you will be surprised to hear that the personality of Imran Abbas is totally different from the off-screen personality. He is a simple and good nature man. He was interviewed by Sameena Peerzada in which he shared about himself that what type of person he is?

Imran Abbas

Imran Abbas told that he avoid socializing altogether after describing all his life he comes to the conclusion that the time is very precious. So we should spend our time doing some other good activities rather than spending it on useless things. He was really honest in his interview. He says he invested his time very carefully.

He has already proved himself and also made name for himself and therefore now he has options of not attending award functions if he did not want to. He however made good options of avoiding people altogether. Therefore Imran Abbas has use his company and and time seriously which is the reason why his name is on the top of this list.

Ayeza Khan

Ayeza Khan is one of the best actor found on social media. She has such kind, innocent and well-dressed personality. She has given a lot of interviews and has done a lot of work in the past few years. Apart from this she is also the mother of two beautiful cute children. This is the reason why she not only stays away from not only from socializing but also she made sure that her working hours are enough so she could give time to her family.

She has also mentioned in her interviews that she only give preference to her work and family.

In her interview, she strictly made clear that she didn’t give any preference to socializing and parties. She wanted to be a role model for everyone and showed how far hard work can take someone. She clearly said that she likes to spend her free time with her family. Even the popular drama show “Maray pass tum ho” was a great success, but on a special show, she left the show early to celebrate her birthday with family. Even she has friends connected to her inside the family, outside the family she has no friends.

Sarah Khan

Sarah Khan who has a huge fan following and is well known for her acting in the drama “Sabaat”. Many people in a large amount are liking her performance. She likes going to award functions but she did not like to attend the Showbiz party. Sarah Khan has also made it clear that she has some principles and limits which she will not cross at any cost.

Sarah Khan

In another interview, she also tells that even when she was on the set working she did not like to talk with anyone in her free time. She read books and novels. Also that she is shy. After her work was finished she likes to go home at that time. She has many friends in Showbiz but she did not like to socialize with them in general.

Nouman Ijaz

Nouman Ijaz is also working in the Showbiz for more than 30 years. In the years he had seen many artists who come and go. He shared his thoughts that he did not like to go to such functions and avoid socializing. He thinks that giving rewards to the senior artist from the younger one makes no sense. Apart from it, he believes that having in having few friends, rather than much of them. he also has fewer friends than those who have worked with since he started the work. He is very choosy in this.

Nouman Ijaz

While taking an interview, Iffat Omer shared that he does not like interacting with others. He likes to sit in an air conditioning room and avoid socializing. Nouman feels that he is mature enough to know that from which people he has to keep distance. So he is one of those for whom socializing does not have any prefrence.

Zahid Ahmad

Zahid Ahmad is one of those Pakistani Actors who has been working in the showbiz industry for long. Firstly he likes to attend the Showbiz parties. Like interacting with people around him. But now in a few years, the surprising change can be seen hi Zahid Ahmad. How he has changed his personality?.

Zahid Ahmad

He clearly said in an interview that he does not like to give any preference to people. He say his time is really important and he wants to use it in good activities. Now he has stopped going to such parties. It is a big change i guess that is why his wife refused and find it hard to accept!

It is really good and surprising to know that how these Pakistani actors have changed their lives and giving importance to their families. There are very few actors who like to share their personal life. It definitely takes a lot of guts and honesty to share something of this type.

Will Zahid Ahmad will likely to be next acting like Hamza Abbasi?. Somehow it seems interesting.

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