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Pakistani Celebrities As Disney Characters


Pakistanis in all fields are enormously talented. Rida Shah is one such photographer who takes pride in the fact that she is a “concept based photomanipulation artist” who uses her photography usually to show the darker side of life but this time she used her skills for something completely different. She transformed famous Pakistani celebrities into very well-known Disney characters old and new. This was a fun exercise which gave these celebrities digital makeovers.

Here are the makeovers of Pakistani celebrities as famous Disney characters. Do share which actor looks best in the make over and which one you think should have been given a different make over.

Mahira Khan as Rapunzel:

Rapunzel is one of the most well known and oldest Disney princesses who was known for her long hair and big eyes. The old Disney Rapunzel was given a new face when the animated series Tangled came out. It was a brand new take on an old fairy tale and it also gave a twist to the age old tale by giving Rapunzel’s long hair magical powers.

Here is how Mahira Khan was transformed into Princess Rapunzel.

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