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Pakistani Celebrities showing Support for sadaf kanwal


Sadaf Kanwal became a part of the news after a clip from her recent interview went viral in which she was seen saying “My husband is my Culture”.

Sadaf Kanwal

Sadaf Kanwal also faced backlash from some members of the industry. Her fellow model Sabeeka Imam also bashed her for her remarks. Sadaf Indeed faced a lot of backlashes but a few of the celebrities also came to her defense and spoke in favor of Sadaf Kanwal.

Ali Abbas

Ali Abbas is a famous television actor who came up in support of Sadaf Kanwal saying that it is her husband and she can treat him the way she likes to do it.

Ali Abbas

Ahmad Ali Butt who is an actor most famously known for his comedy roles. He came forward and shunned those who are bullying Sadaf over her remarks. He called out people who ore making a mockery of a woman.

Ahmad Ali Butt

Fatima Khan is Ahmad Ali Butt’s wife and she is socially very active. She is often seen with her husband on award shows too. Fatima also supported Sadaf. She said that we have all seen our mothers doing the same. Her choice of words might be poor but her thinking is not wrong.

Sadaf Kanwal

Noor Bukhari also supported Sadaf saying that whatever she said is in accordance with the true teachings of Islam.

Sadaf Kanwal

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