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Pakistani Celebs Stand For Syria

Pakistani celebrities have now come forward demanding the genocide to stop.

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regardless of a united countries interest for a truce to stop syria’s considerate conflict new administration air moves and big conflicts shook insurrection held eastern ghouta on sunday twenty fifth february. president bashar al-assad’s powers propelled a noteworthy bombarding attempt towards the enclave on the threshold of damascus seven days previous, and have seeing that killed in extra of 500 individuals.

pakistani large names have now approached soliciting for the genocide to stop.

mahira khan, haroon shahid, mawra hocane and severa others took to on-line networking to deal with the excessive murdering of innocents in syria, denouncing the assaults.

armeena khan

“open season” on #syria at gift. the events are simply as nicely, excessively exasperating. maximum recent is that the struggle is going to get an entire lot more terrible and more. may also god maintain the sincere in his insurance.”

armeena khan


“open season” on #syria at present. the events are sincerely as properly, excessively exasperating. maximum recent is that the war is going to get a whole lot greater horrible and extra. ?? may additionally god hold the honest in his insurance.

annie khalid

“my coronary heart hurts for syria!”

mawra hocane

“what an awful frightful global this flower has been despatched to.. #syria i ask all of you to nation a supplication for folks that’re enduring and the people who have passed away.. it is the slightest we will do! my coronary heart is in pieces.. #ghouta #savesyrianchildren”

mahira khan

“loss of challenge it’s far.”

haroon shahid

“just discovered a few horrible pictures from the genocide in #syria cannot begin to envision the torment and enduring the syrian individuals are experiencing. appealing to god for peace in syria.”

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