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Pakistani drama Aabro – The End!


Ohkay so, finally after so many weeks Pakistani Drama Aabro ended & I am glad that the writer didn’t disappoint us in the end & gave us a complete ending that the viewers were hoping for.

However, I do believe that in stead of showing the elders, they should’ve shown the youngsters more focused on their education, careers & future, but nevertheless, it’s all well when it ends well.

It was good to see that everyone around Aabro & Afsheen started to realize that Aabro raised Afsheen properly. Abid was always forced to draw a comparison between Fauzia & Aabro’s upbringing & for the right reasons because he could see that Fauzia never really paid attention to their children like Aabro paid to her one & only daughter. Then after Abid, it was Samra who couldn’t help notice how groomed & well-brought up Afsheen was in comparison to Ahmed & Aima. What I liked the most about the last episode was that they showed how a good attitude can force people to change their thinking, yes, it is a slow process & it doesn’t pay off quickly but in the end it works because a good attitude never goes unnoticed. It only took a few weeks for Samra to realize that Aabro raised Afsheen properly & did everything she could to make sure that Afsheen doesn’t turn out to be like her mother.

Ahmed decided to elope with Afsheen because he knew that his grandmother Zubaida won’t ever let him get married to Afsheen & somehow Afsheen gave in to the pressure too because she was scared that Zubaida will forcefully get her married to the uncle who wasn’t her match at all. I liked how in the end they showed that everyone realized their mistakes & also understood the circumstances that they created were the the main reason why Ali & Aabro eloped in the first place. Sakina realized that it was her decision of getting Aabro married to a peon that forced Aabro to leave the house & take such a huge step, that is why that conversation between Aabro & Sakina somewhat convinced Afsheen that she was right in her decision of eloping with Ahmed because the circumstances weren’t doing a favor upon them, which later changed but initially it was exactly what Afsheen wanted to hear to put her mind & heart to ease that hers & Ahmed’s decision was right.

Zubaida didn’t change at all & she continued to be stern & rigid with Ali, she made sure to let Ali know that he could only redeem himself if he sacrificed the happiness of his only child in order to please his mother. Zubaida never really allowed anyone to have a soft spot for Ali’s family in their hearts that is why when she saw Tayyaba & Samra speaking in Ali’s favor, she brushed it under the carpet & tried to talk them out of the sympathy they were feeling for Ali, Aabro & Afsheen.

Finally, Aima paid the price for maturing up way before her age & that is why she landed herself in deep trouble where her family had to get involved too. She might be innocent but this was exactly the wake-up call & a reality check that Fauzia along with Zubaida needed in order to realize that they were wrong. Even Samra couldn’t resist confessing that Fauzia was supposedly the one who belonged to their own family but still she couldn’t raise her children with the same morals & values that their mothers endorsed.

Coming to the final conversation between Afsheen & Ahmed which changed everyone’s perspective, I must say it was written beautifully. All the things that Afsheen said went to show that Aabro & Ali succeeded in raising her up properly & she made sure to let Ahmed know that at times it is important to put everyone else’s happiness ahead of your own because that’s exactly what brings more happiness & satisfaction to you. All the things Afsheen said made Zubaida realize how wrong she was all this while & it was good to see her realizing her mistakes & taking an initiative of apologizing to Aabro because she knew she put her through so much that she didn’t deserve at all. The ending scenes of the drama were good & what I loved the most was the mention of Afsheen & Ahmed’s education that was stated by Abid. I so wanted to hear either Ahmed or Afsheen say that it was important for them to educate themselves in order to be able to help their families but that thing was taken care of by Abid, which was a huge relief.

Overall, the message of the drama was good but it would’ve made a bigger impact if they had kept it short & to the point.

because when dramas like Aabro that have a very been-there-seen-that sort of a feel to them end up getting dragged, that’s when they lose the charm & make it hard for the viewers to keep their interest alive in the show. I wish in stead of showing Zubaida’s realization in the last episode that too for the first & the last time, they had shown her realizing her mistakes in a few other episodes too because that way her apology would’ve made more impact & would’ve looked more heart-felt. Also, I do feel that they shouldn’t have shifted the focus away from the education because that was an even more important message that needed to be conveyed. Anyways, massive props to all the actors for performing brilliantly & doing justice to their characters. I liked the acting of the actors playing the characters of Afsheen & Ahmed the most. Eeshal was good as Aabro too but I hope she works on her dialogue delivery & improves her acting the next time we get to see her in her new project. Noor Hassan did a pretty decent job as Ali & Farah Shah gave the character of Zubaida everything she could to make her seem so detestable & despicable. Overall, it was a good drama that went haywire in the end but surprisingly ended at a good & a complete note which served as a redemption. Please share your say about the overall journey of Aabro.

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