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Pakistani Drama Mere humrahi on ARY Digital


Jane humrahi is a new dilemma sequential to ARY tv electronic. The tale of this dilemma sequential is provided by Sanaa Fahad and instructed by the Furqan khan. It is an exciting dilemma sequential of ARY electronic route.

Throw of Drama sequential are Fahad Mustafa, scented soy Hassan, Shahzad Sheikh, Munawar Saeed, shehryar Zaidi, ismat Zaidi, khalid malik, ismat Iqbal and mahira abbasi. The major part in this dilemma Is performed by the Fahad Mustafa and Sonya Hassan.

The whole tale of this dilemma moves revolves the pleasure of two members of the family members. But in the mid of the tale one of members of the family members members provides malice in the minds and hearts and the globe come to a breaking end. The tale of this dilemma moves around the terrible part of a fresh lady known as Haniya. In this dilemma haniya is involved to Ahad and soon both are going to be wedded.

Haniya was not satisfied at this wedding and she said to Ahad to quit this wedding but Ahad was adament her that he cannot do this alone. Ahad was also not satisfied at this merriage. So during the center of the wedding she commits to destruction but at the area her mom came and she come her to medical center. She becomes heartbroken. Her activity of destruction not only eliminate the popularity of her members of the family but also her psychological and psychological health.

The elder of both families decide to merry her with the elder brother of Ahad just to continue the ceremony and to revive the reputation. Older brother of Ahad that is and was more mature and responsible and can understand the situation. Ahmad liked the haniya and he was already in love with her but at this point it was troublesome for Haniya to marry with Ahmad but a whole family forced her just for the reputation of family. At this point lone triangle starts.

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